(Slaughter and Rhoades 2010) The social construction of copyright ethics and values

Slaughter, Sheila; Rhoades, Gary. The social construction of copyright ethics and values. Science and Engineering Ethics. 2010 Jun; 16(2):263–293. Available from: http://ihe.uga.edu/uploads/pdfs/socialconstruction_Slaughter.pdf. Accessed 2012 Jan 3. Archived by WebCite at http://www.webcitation.org/64Qfry3cg.

Through a study of policies and faculty attitudes at three research universities, Slaughter and Rhoades document unresolved conflicts within academia between two predominant ethical views of commercially valuable copyrightable instructional materials: a capitalist ethic of intellectual property ownership, and a more traditional academic ethic that emphasizes the value of open sharing of information.



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