(Redburn 2012) Pink different

Redburn, Kate. Pink different. Jacobin. 2012 Spring; 6:29–30.

Using the corporate pinkwashing activities of the Susan G. Komen Foundation as an example, Redburn shows how the “nonprofit industrial complex” contributes to

the twin evils that we face: the privatization of basic life chances, and placation of progressive political impulses through capitalist accumulation.

Redburn points out that “nonprofit” corporations are in practice dominated by the profit motive, and by the consequent social pathology of self-aggrandizement and indefinite expansion, just as for-profit corporations are, despite the earmarking of profits for a social cause rather than for the pockets of private investors. And just as with for-profit corporations, the decisionmaking of nonprofits is lacking in transparency and democratic controls. Yet the positive image of these “charities”, and their perceived role in helping the needy, divert resources away from efforts to address human needs, and manage public goods, through democratic processes.


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