(Patnaik and Bady 2012) On privatization and brutalizing campuses

Patnaik, Gina; Bady, Aaron. On privatization and brutalizing campuses [Internet]. New Inquiry. 2012 Mar 2. Available from: http://thenewinquiry.com/blogs/zunguzungu/on-privatization-and-brutalizing-campuses-or-why-university-chancellors-say-and-do-stuff-like-that/. Accessed 2012 Mar 2. Archived by WebCite at http://www.webcitation.org/65sT9cs4E.

Using their own campus (the University of California at Berkeley) as a source of examples, Patnaik and Bady trace linkages between the privatization of higher education, which they define as “the inexorable move away from any sort of education whose value can’t be immediately monetized”, and the willingness of administrators to authorize police violence against dissidents on campus. Under privatization, “the relationship between fundraising and higher education has become a zero-sum game in which attention to one is predicated upon unapologetic neglect of the other.” Fundraising opportunities are not tied to the university’s original physical campus, nor to the faculty and student communities there; privatizing administrators tend to promote online-education projects and ambitious joint ventures in far-removed parts of the world. Administrators come to see the physical campus, and its faculty and students, purely as nuisances to be kept under control so as to prevent damage to the university’s brand.



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