(Moyers 2011) Our politicians are money launderers

Moyers, Bill. Our politicians are money launderers in the trafficking of power and policy. Truthout. 2011 Nov 3. Keynote address at the Public Citizen 40th Anniversary Gala, Washington, DC, USA, 2011 Oct 20. Remarks as prepared for delivery. Available from: http://www.truth-out.org/how-did-happen/1320278111. Accessed 2011 Nov 25. Archived by WebCite at http://www.webcitation.org/63T0J3V9T. Video of address available from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOIQ5-W1Epw.

Moyers denounces the current political order in the USA as a plutocracy in which

… private wealth multiplies as public goods are beggared. … the common denominator of public office, even for judges, is a common deference to cash. … Our politicians are little more than money launderers in the trafficking of power and policy — fewer than six degrees of separation from the spirit and tactics of Tony Soprano.

Moyers stresses that despite the Republican Party’s historical association with wealth, these phenomena are not limited to that party alone, but are pervasive: “The President [Obama] has raised more money from banks, hedge funds, and private equity managers than any Republican candidate, including Mitt Romney.” Moyers traces the roots of our plutocracy to deliberate planning by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and specifically to the Powell Memo, a “call to arms for class war waged from the top down” in response to the progressive reforms of the 1960s, submitted confidentially to the Chamber on August 23, 1971 by “a corporate lawyer named Lewis Powell—a board member of the death-dealing tobacco giant Philip Morris and a future Justice of the United States Supreme Court”. The Powell Memo was revealed to the public by reporter Jack Anderson, who argued that it might have been the reason for Powell’s appointment to the Supreme Court by President Nixon.


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