(Mirzoeff 2012) Civilians in the Red Square

Mirzoeff, Nicholas. Civilians in the Red Square. Occupy 2012. 2012 May 19. Available from: http://www.nicholasmirzoeff.com/O2012/2012/05/19/civilians-in-the-red-square/. Accessed 2012 May 20. Archived by WebCite at http://www.webcitation.org/67obRFCnE.

Mirzoeff advocates vigorous, widespread protest against the dramatic escalation of “the militarization of everyday life” by recent repressive actions against activists in Chicago and Montreal, including the passage of Quebec’s Law 78 with its imposition of “draconian fines” for participation in dissent. Citizens should insist on being treated by the authorities as civilians in peacetime, not insurgents in a war zone.



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