(Liddy 1980) Will: the autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy

Liddy, G. Gordon. Will: the autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. New York: St. Martin’s Press; 1980.

Convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy organizes his autobiography around a theme that he conceptualizes as will overcoming fear. Liddy’s account is focused on concrete examples, and does not provide a great deal of explicit analysis as to what “will” is supposed to consist in. His examples, however, reveal a pattern of morbid fascination with violent force, and especially with manipulation of political events by covert, furtive, surreptitious use of violent force; systematic defiance not only of fear but of feelings of disgust and repugnance (for example, Liddy overcame his fear of rats by literally cooking and eating a rat); delight in imposing on others the fear and disgust that Liddy despised in himself; and servile deference to certain valorized authorities, combined with contemptuous defiance of dispreferred ones.


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