(Hodge 2010) The mendacity of hope

Hodge, Roger D. The mendacity of hope: Barack Obama and the betrayal of American liberalism. New York: HarperCollins; 2010.

The scope of Hodge’s book is much wider than the title would suggest. It documents the plutocratic corruption not only of Barack Obama and his administration, but of our entire system of government. In one of the best chapters (5, “Monsters of Sedition”, pages 99–127), Hodge traces the plutocratic tradition in U.S. politics back to Alexander Hamilton. While Hamilton himself was personally incorruptible, he admired British imperialism, and deliberately cultivated corruption in others in order to bind the interests of the wealthy to those of the government. Hamilton even associated with the notorious con artist William Duer, a kind of 18th-century Bernie Madoff.


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