(Herman 1982) The real terror network: terrorism in fact and propaganda

Herman, Edward S. The real terror network: terrorism in fact and propaganda. Boston: South End Press; 1982.

Using terrorism as an example, Herman adduces evidence for his thesis that the biases of the mainstream media in the USA are mainly conservative, not liberal or radical, and operate primarily by biased definitions of the relevant concepts and by selective coverage, rather than by ideologically biased assertions. For example, “terrorism” is understood by the mainstream media in a way that includes only terrorism carried out by non-state organizations, while in reality the vast majority of terrorism is carried out by states, particularly by neofascist “National Security States”, most of which are clients of the USA. Dissidents against states hostile to the USA (such as Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union and Lech Wałęsa in Poland) receive massive coverage, while dissidents against client states of the USA (such as Luis Silva in Brazil) are largely ignored.



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