(Erickson 2012) A nation of little Lebowski urban achievers

Erickson, Megan. A nation of little Lebowski urban achievers. Jacobin. 2012 Winter; 5:47–50. Available from: http://jacobinmag.com/winter-2012/a-nation-of-little-lebowski-urban-achievers/.

Erickson describes the history of the education-reform movement from the Reagan era to the present, and documents its foundations in neoliberal assumptions about character deficiencies of students, especially lack of discipline and hard work. The implicit (or explicit) goal of education reform has been to prepare the student for participation in the work force on terms set by the corporate world. The means have typically involved an emphasis on “excellence” over equality, quantitative measures of success, and charter schools. Education reform has been heavily funded by corporate foundations, particularly the Gates Foundation.



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