(Ehrenreich 2009) Bright-sided

Ehrenreich, Barbara. Bright-sided: how the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America. New York: Metropolitan Books; 2009.

A devastating exposé of the positive-thinking movement as a smokescreen for religious and corporate indoctrination, and especially of the extent to which the science behind positive thinking has been compromised by illicit religious influence exerted through biased funding sources like the Templeton Foundation. Reports of positive-thinking research in the mass media are frequently distorted, not only by reporters but by the researchers themselves. One such researcher, Suzanne Segerstrom, told Ehrenreich in a telephone interview that “To get the Templeton award … you don’t get anything for a null result” (pages 165–166). Ehrenreich also makes the connection between positive-thinking ideology and the reckless disregard of risk that led to the subprime mortgage crisis and other financial debacles.


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