(Couder, Boudaoud, Protiere, and Fort 2010) Walking droplets

Couder, Y.; Boudaoud, A.; Protière, S.; Fort, E. Walking droplets: a form of wave-particle duality at macroscopic scale? Europhysics News. 2010 Feb; 41(1):14–18. Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/epn/2010101.

A report of an easily comprehensible, macroscopically observable system, comprising a suspended liquid droplet and a wave in the underlying liquid, that models some of the most apparently mysterious aspects of the wave-particle duality of light. This report gives new plausibility to the pilot-wave interpretation of quantum mechanics, which uses a separate but interacting pair of objects — one a particle, the other a wave — to explain the duality, rather than attributing apparently contradictory wave and particle characteristics to a single unitary object, as other interpretations typically do.


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