An open-ended annotated bibliography of publications, on a variety of topics—largely, but not exclusively, political—that I have found to be of particular and enduring interest. Note that interest does not necessarily imply agreement; in some cases, interest can consist in notoriety or even infamy. This bibliography remains very much a work in progress, with new references being added. Each annotated citation is on its own page; all are linked from the topical index below (an author index and a chronological index are also available). The length of a publication’s annotation should not be taken as an indication of the degree of importance I ascribe to it; some publications are easier to summarize concisely than others, regardless of the size of the publications themselves.

The annotations often include my own opinions, and I do not hold myself to any Wikipedia-like standard of neutrality. This decision should not diminish the usefulness of the bibliography to those with different opinions, and may enhance it. As Francis Bacon said, “Truth will sooner emerge from error than from confusion” (Novum Organum, Book II, aphorism 20). Nevertheless, the annotations remain summaries, not reviews or critiques; expressions of opinion, when present, are intended to help the reader understand what the annotated publication is about.

This page presents the annotated bibliography as a topical index with links to the articles. It is preceded by an outline of the topical divisions, linked to allow skipping ahead. An author index and a chronological index are also available.




Depressions, recessions, and liquidity traps


Inequality of wealth and income


Monetary theory


Socialism and public provision of goods


Surplus value, rent, and return on capital


Work, the work ethic, and the swarm economy


Freedom of Expression


Freedom of expression: general


Academic freedom and educational methods


Civility, political correctness, and speech codes


Conformity and groupthink


Intellectual privilege (IP)


Political Strategy


Armed conflict


Black bloc tactics and interaction with police


Cyberwar, hacktivism, and large-scale online information leaks


Labor actions




Revolutionary agency and identity politics


Revolutionary strategy at the movement level


Political Theory


Political theory: general


Anarchism and left-libertarianism


Conservatism and right-libertarianism




Marxism and tisarchism (non-anarchist radicalism)




Propaganda: general


Corporate public relations


Government propaganda


The news media


Scientific fraud and illicit bias in scientific research


Social science popularization as a veil for ideology




Authoritarian psychology


Authoritarian sociology


Corporations and their social pathology


Corruption and privatization of public goods in particular industries




Drug prohibition


Fascism and government by fear


Imperialism and projection of power


Legal mechanisms for subversion of popular sovereignty


Paramilitary policing and government by force


Plutocracy in practice at societal and world scale


Surveillance and violation of privacy


Physical Science





AAC   Association of American Colleges

AAU   Association of American Universities

AAUP   American Association of University Professors

ACTA   Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

AFT   American Federation of Teachers

AFV   Artistic Freedom Voucher

ARL   Association of Research Libraries

BATNA   Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement

CBO   United States Congressional Budget Office

DHS   United States Department of Homeland Security

DMCA   Digital Millennium Copyright Act

GAI   Guaranteed Annual Income

IDSA   Infectious Diseases Society of America

MPAA   Motion Picture Association of America

NAIRU   non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment

NIT   negative income tax

PIPA   PROTECT IP Act (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act)

PPV   positive predictive value

REMIC   Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit

rhAPC   recombinant human activated protein C (also known as drotrecogin alfa, or Xigris)

SOPA   Stop Online Piracy Act

TFA   Teach for America

UBI   Universal Basic Income or Unconditional Basic Income

ULI   Unconditional Livable Income

UC   University of California

UCSD   University of California, San Diego

VERICC   Values, Ethics, and Rationing in Critical Care


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