(Aufderheide, Barnouw, Cohen et al 1997) Conglomerates and the media

Aufderheide, Patricia; Barnouw, Erik; Cohen, Richard M.; Frank, Thomas; Gitlin, Todd; Lieberman, David; Miller, Mark Crispin; Roberts, Gene; Schatz, Thomas. Conglomerates and the media. New York: New Press; 1997.

An anthology of nine essays on corporate control of news, publishing, and book sales and distribution, and on the resulting distortion and biases in the products of these industries. Contents:

  • Todd Gitlin Introduction
  • Erik Barnouw New look
  • Richard M. Cohen The corporate takeover of news: blunting the sword
  • Gene Roberts Conglomerates and newspapers
  • Thomas Schatz The return of the Hollywood studio system
  • Mark Crispin Miller The publishing industry
  • David Lieberman Conglomerates, news, and children
  • Patricia Aufderheide Telecommunications and the public interest
  • Thomas Frank Liberation marketing and the culture trust


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