(Anderson 2012) How demonizing contraception destroys the family

Anderson, Rose. How demonizing contraception destroys the family: a glimpse inside Rick Santorum’s radical Catholic culture. Priceless Earth. 2012 Mar 9. Available from: http://www.pricelessearth.org/2012/03/how-demonizing-contraception-destroys-the-family-a-glimpse-inside-rick-santorums-radical-catholic-culture/. Accessed 2012 Mar 9. Archived by WebCite at http://www.webcitation.org/662uW7ZuB.

Anderson makes a case study of her own harrowing past experience with life as a married fundamentalist Roman Catholic woman, illustrating the social pathology induced within the family by lack of access to contraception. Such fundamentalist Catholic ideology not only bans contraception, but systematically prohibits all sexual outlets for either spouse except those that can lead to pregnancy. Repeated births of young children in rapid succession can deplete financial resources, stamina, and opportunities for sleep, while the inflexible link between sex and childbearing makes every sexual advance a potential source of conflict between husband and wife.


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